Student interaction activities are
favorites for Leeza when visiting
schools in places such as Maryland, Pennsylvannia and New Jersey.

"The enthusiasm that children have
for learning and books is fantastic.
What's not to love about that!"

Leeza Hernandez, award-winning illustrator and author is available year-round to present and speak at schools, conferences, art guilds, festivals and other book-related events.

In preparing for an event or visit, Leeza will work with the event coordinator and tailor her presentations to suit the needs of whom she will be addressing. Presentations in the past have included art demos, behind-the-scenes-look at book making, interactive exercises, readings, Q&A and book signings.

To book Leeza for an upcoming event, or discuss further,
please contact here.

School Visit Brochure:

  • Eat Your Math Homework:
    Recipes For Hungry Minds

    Ann McCallum, Leeza Hernandez
    Charlesbridge, 2011
    More, here.
  • Bored Bella Learns About
    Fiction and Non Fiction:

    Sandra Donovan, Leeza Hernandez
    Picture Window Books, 2010
    More, here.

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    School Visit Brochure:

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