Spot On

"What makes this title special is how few words and minimal illustrations can communicate such an array of emotions and feelings. The artwork is done in digital fusion with pencil, acrylics, print paper, and collage. A great choice for storytimes or sharing one-on-one. Spot-on."

School Library Journal, Anne Beier
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Winning Rhymes

"Leeza Hernandez perfectly capture's the funny frustration and love we have for our dogs. With winning rhymes and the fantastic illustrations Leeza is know for, Dog Gone! belongs on every dog lovers and child's shelf—just make sure it's out of reach of that "Dog Gone" dog!"

Califon Bookshop
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This One A Winner

"... filled with hugs, kisses, and slurps. Spot-on verse, a satisfying story arc, and an honest and loving portrayal of the ups and downs of pet ownership make this one a winner."

Publishers Weekly
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Adds Warmth

"Hernandez demonstrates the possibilities of bare-bones, mostly two-word phrases to carry the action. Except for the titular climactic phrase, the rhymes come in threes. She creates interiors in sunny yellows, reds and pea-greens, and outdoor scenes of the lost dog enveloped in charcoal, blue-gray and brown. Her "digital fusion," mixed-media illustrations appear as if they were rendered with woodblocks; the solid planes of color possess an appealing faded quality that adds warmth to the irresistible bond between boy and dog."

Shelf Awareness, Jennifer M. Brown, children's editor
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Plenty of Heart

"This picture book is your typical boy-loves-dog, dog-runs-away, boy-finds-dog-again story, but Hernandez’s scrappy interpretation injects plenty of heart and a simple, hard-to-resist rhyming scheme ... Hernandez’s digitally remixed pencil, acrylic, print, paper, and collage art gives angular life to both the characters and the settings, and full-bleed pages alternate with boxed illustrations for important moments. Any romp that ends with the “schlurp schlurp” of doggie kisses is a good one."

Booklist (Online), Danial Kraus
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